"The most beautiful expression of our terroirs due to nature"

In 1998 we settled at the family property in Lacepelle Cabanac, situated in the western part of the Cahors production area.

Vignes ennherbées automne

Our vines are planted on the third terraces of the appellation, ideally exposed towards the south, from sunrise till sunset. Our clayey-sandy soils, mixed with pebble stones, confer a great delicacy of tannins to our wines. Though Malbec, the main grape variety of Cahors, dominates our vineyards, we also cultivate Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Chardonnay, Viognier, L'en de l'el and Petit Manseng on our terroirs to produce our “Côtes du Lot” IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée) wines. This diversity of grape varieties enables us to produce an audacious range of wines, both original and consistent, reflecting the personality of the estate.

To enhance the quality of our wines and to obtain the most tasteful expression of our terroirs, but also by personal conviction, we soon oriented our activity towards organic farming. First we focused on the soils by sewing cover grass between the rows of the vines. This ancestral procedure lowers the influence of climate conditions on plant growth, as the grass competes the vines, forcing them to root deeper. Furthermore, we completely banished the application of chemical herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers for ecological and environmental reasons. We respect nature and the natural cycles, so our fruits may benefit from excellent solar radiation and optimal ripening: Leaf-stripping of the canopy facing sunrise in July, leaf-stripping of the canopy facing sunset in August.

Vignes ennherbées automne

Adding perfect yield control, we achieved organic certification for the entire estate, with our first organic wines certified in 2012.

A healthier environment for our plants, more natural expression of our wines, that’s what we wish to offer to our clients. From soil to sales, from wine making to the reception of visitors, we pay attention to this “culture of excellence” every day a little more, as we believe this is indispensable for the progress of our estate.

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