Notre philosophie

"Create wines as natural as possible"

Out of respect for our terroir, our health and our clients, we use working methods that are respectful to the environment and a sustainable development. Please find here our own Charta of quality:

  • Cover growth between the rows
  • Use of rotary inter-vine hoes for ploughing the soil under the vines
  • No use of chemical weed killers or pesticides
  • No use of chemical fertilizers
  • Leaf-stripping of the canopy facing sunrise in July, leaf-stripping of the canopy facing sunset in august
  • Yield control plant by plant
  • Low yields (between 30 and 50 hl/ha), depending on the cuvee
  • Harvest at optimal ripeness
  • Grapes are both picked by hand and machine
  • The entire harvest is sorted by hand
  • Vinification controlled by daily tastings
  • Long maceration with gentle extraction, in order to respect the purity of the fruit
  • Aging of the wines in tanks and oak barrels
  • The wines are all bottled at the estate, without filtration
  • Storage in air-conditioned warehouse
Certifié bio

Pur plaisir